Friday, September 24, 2010

Out from Behind the Great Firewall and Into Switzerland

Africa Pavilion: courtesy The Atlantic.c..
I've been in China (Shanghai and Beijing) for the past eight days. Lots of interesting developments around the topic of Chinese aid in Africa, meetings with Africans in China, and a tour of the Africa Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo (right). But frustrating to be behind the Great Firewall and unable to access my blog & much else.

Next week I will be speaking on my China-Africa research in Geneva September 30th, and Bern October 1st.


Ryan said...

Any chance we could see electronic copies of your meeting materials - presentation if available, notes, etc.?

Deborah Brautigam said...

The Shanghai presentation was a book talk. There are many varieties of these floating around on the web. At the OECD China-DAC study group, I myself didn't say anything much different from what I've said in The Dragon's Gift: a presentation on China's history & various modes of engagement in infrastructure. I can't really provide my notes, but would be happy to discuss through personal email at the AU website.