Wednesday, September 7, 2011

World Bank Pushes (?) China to Offshore Manufacturing to Africa

Robert Zoellick hugging panda. Credit: AP
World Bank president Robert Zoellick has taken on the idea that China is restructuring, and that some of the lower-end manufacturing jobs will be going abroad. Why not to Africa? As readers of The Dragon's Gift know, the Chinese have been thinking about this at least since 1984, and have put a number of tools in place to help make this happen (see Chapter 3: "Going Global").

In a recent YouTube video, Bob Zoellick elaborates on his efforts to engage Chinese officials to take "practical steps" on this. I wonder if he knows he's preaching to the choir?

A hat tip to Henry Hall at China Africa News. He's made his site a go-to place for current events and analysis.


Chike said...

No comments on the Zambian elections? Are you waiting for the results to be announced first?

Anonymous said...

I've been following this blog with quite some interest. This comment might not be directly related to the article but what seems like the biggest contribution China is making in Africa is not monetary but a change to the African psyche from seeing themselves as a lost continent to seeing themselves a continent of vast opportunity. Now every country is competing for investment from China for their betterment. Modern infrastructure is popping up, showing real tangible results and improvements. This will again have an impact on demands from people for improved governance. This change in mindset will be what will drive Africa forward.

Looking into an increasiongly resource-strained future, Africa has huge amounts of resources and arable land. What does the West have? Mountains of public debt. There has already been talks about a bailout of Europe by the BRICS conuntries. I wonder when we'll see the first aid to the West from African donors. At the pace the world is moving, it might be sooner than anyone would dare guessing.

certified financial planner said...

The decision may not be a good move for the economy. It's still a long way to go before the manufacturing sector is transferred.

Anonymous said...

There is no Need to WORRY ABOUT global warming as there is a massive hidden lake in East Africa that an International Military team of Engineers could draw Water to irrigate that part of Africa and save the People from Drought followed by he inevitable Starvation Time after Time.