Monday, August 6, 2012

China, Africa, FOCAC and Hillary Clinton

I have been offline for much of the past 20 days, first on vacation in the Vancouver area, Olympic Peninsula and the San Juan islands, then at our family "compound" in northern Maine. Heading back to the northern woods today for the rest of the week, after a family wedding in Falmouth. From the FOCAC meetings in Beijing July 19-20 to Hillary Clinton's visit to Africa, there's been a lot happening on the China-Africa front.

I will be posting soon on the Chinese pledge of $20 billion to Africa: what does this mean? I'll also be commenting on Secretary Clinton's comments on "China".

But now, back to the pines, the loons, the cool northern breezes, and a nearly full moon rising over Moosehead Lake.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation! Have been reading your work over the past few months, such a wealth of information and insights. Cheers.

ReibReisen said...

Enjoy summer, Deborah! Meanwhile, Hillary R Clinton repeats all the errors she made on her Zambia trip last year.
See my

Cheers, Helmut