Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Research on China, Africa, and the Media

The South African journal Ecquid Novi:  African Journalism Studies has a special issue (v. 34, n. 3) on China and Africa. For the moment (and this likely won't last) the issue appears to be available for free.  I haven't read all the articles yet, but I see several scholars I recognize, including Bob Weseka from Kenya who has written for this blog, and Iginio Gagliardone, who used "participant observation" to analyze CCTV in Africa. Download while you can.  h/t to Yoon Jung Park

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Arjan de Haan said...

Thanks Deborah, for the reference, and a useful collection. Fascinating how in some hotels in Kenya Chinese broadcast is now as present as BBC, CNN, etc (and a good alternative to the latter's obsession with Toronto's mayor); striking for me how the styles are converging, no longer immediately obvious what channel you are watching. Globalisation continues.