Friday, September 12, 2014

Ph.D. candidates, China-Africa Economic Engagement

I am again looking for an excellent candidate to undertake Ph.D. research on China-Africa economic engagement under my supervision, to enter in the Fall of 2015. SAIS offers fully funded Ph.D. fellowships. Candidates must already have an MA degree, ideally in development studies, economics, or international relations.

The ideal candidate will have some background in China-Africa relations, fluency in Chinese including the ability to read Chinese, field experience, and excellent English. Admission will depend on academic excellence (high GPA, excellent GRE scores), and a convincing statement of research interests that includes China's going-out engagement in Africa, broadly defined. This year I am particularly interested in candidates with interests in infrastructure, mining, and development finance. Quantitative skills (econometrics), Portuguese or French would be assets, but not required.

The deadline for applications is December 15. For more information, and to apply, consult the SAIS Ph.D. program website here.


David said...

You can get a lot of info about China's engagement in Africa in construction and infrastructure projects as LAPSSET, Standard Gauge Railway, here - example - just search "China" on the website.

Deborah Brautigam said...

Thanks for this link, Njue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deborah,

A suggestion

Instead of limiting the scope of study for your PhD candidate to only the "economic aspect" you might want to consider expand it to include more on the "societal" side as well

Take for example, the current ebola crisis that is making havoc on the lives on so many West Africans, already some Western media is taking this chance to attack China (see article @ )

They want to make the ebola crisis a "China Problem"

That is why it is imperative that your PhD candidate to understand not only perspective from the Western society (and I am assuming that your PhD candidate would most probably from the Western countries, and/or having a Western background), they should also make themselves familiar with the African perspective and the Chinese viewpoint as well

Knowing the language is crucial but it is no longer sufficient if one can't see things through the eyes of those who are affected (the Chinese and the Africans)

Hopefully you can become the bridge that binds the two vastly different culture together, Deborah

I thank you in advance for the beautiful work that you have done thus far!

David said...

much welcome, Deborah