Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Dragon's Gift: Advising Britain's New Government?

As Britain tries to figure out how to form a government, I am pleased that someone put The Dragon's Gift into a list of recommended reading for that new government. Today's Guardian newspaper features experts who give their advice and offer "essential reading" for the new power holders (whomever they turn out to be). Pankaj Mishra, the award-winning novelist and essayist, picks up the theme of China's rise and recommends "With regard to Africa, where Britain has a substantial aid commitment, Deborah Brautigam's The Dragon's Gift offers a more thoughtful assessment of China's intentions and motives in the continent ..." 

Now if only I could get someone to recommend The Dragon's Gift to my own government ...

Also this weekend, a nice review of The Dragon's Gift by Helmut Reisen, "Pourquoi La Chine Investit L'Afrique," appears in Les Enjeux, the magazine of French newspaper Les Echos.   



  1. Well, Professor Brautigam, the Brits have historically been more perceptive to change than the American government so it's no wonder that it will be more of a challenge to convince someone in the Obama administration to take a look at your marvelous book. One could only hope that will happen some day, right?
    Congratulation for this performance.

  2. Codrine is right, but with how government is so shaped by the rotation from NGOs to government and back again I think sooner or later your book will get the ear it deserves.

    While we're still foundering on Africa particularly in our aide and investments, more human rights writers/actors/thinkers are getting a seat of at the table. Samantha Power is a special advisor to the president and John Prendergast was an advisor during the campaign.

    Hopefully Africanists will continue to get a larger audience and hopefully they have or will read your book!

  3. And, for once, the Guardian got it right. They could not have recommended a better book on the subject ( I take this opportunity to congratulate you). I am less optimistic about how the Cameronians will begin to grasp 5% of its main thrust though...