Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China, CNPC, and Chad: social and environmental responsibility

Chad Pipeline (credit Al-Jazeera)
A new China-Africa book from the French Agency for International Development (AFD). In French, (an English version is foreseen soon) this book provides a summary of research done in Chad and China (2010-2011) as a trilateral partnership: with UIBE (China), GRAMP-TC (Chad) and CIRAD, with financing from the French Agency for Development (AFD).  I haven't read it yet, but it looks fascinating. Fieldwork on concrete China-Africa case studies, done by researchers with the appropriate linguistic skills, background, and contacts, is sorely needed and most welcome.
Book Summary (courtesy of Romain Dittgen)

This book analyses the factors that influence environmental management in the CNPC when operating outside of China, in the outer margins of the world oil system, specifically in Chad, a Least Developed Country. Within a sector marked by the regulations inherited from the Exxon project in Doba (implemented since 2000 with initial World Bank support), the 2007 CNPC Rônier project aims at refining part of the extracted oil and exporting the remainder, most probably through the pipeline built under the Exxon Doba project. The question of the compatibility between the systems of reference and practices in both firms thus arises.Through the prism of social and environmental responsibility, this text analyses the challenges in the interaction between Chinese oil firms, host countries and OECD-based firms.

here to download (pdf version)

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